chuck1 S2 [tʃʌk] v [T] informal especially BrE
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Perhaps from Old French chuquer 'to knock']
1.) to throw something in a careless or relaxed way
chuck sth on/out of/into etc sth
Tania chucked her bag down on the sofa.
I chucked a few things into a suitcase and left.
chuck sb sth
Chuck me that pen, would you?
2.) to throw something away because you do not want it any more
I think I might have chucked it by mistake.
3.) also chuck sth<=>in
to leave your job
You haven't chucked your job, have you?
4.) BrE to end a romantic relationship with someone
Why did Judy chuck him?
5.) chuck it down
to rain very heavily
It chucked it down all afternoon.
6.) chuck sb under the chin
to gently touch someone under their chin in a friendly way
chuck away [chuck sth<=>away] phr v
to throw something away because you do not want it any more
I chucked all my old clothes away when we moved house.
chuck off [chuck sb off sth] phr v
1.) to make someone leave a place or stop using something
He'll chuck you off his land if he finds you.
2.) chuck yourself off sth
to jump from somewhere that is very high
She tried to chuck herself off the bridge twice last week.
chuck out [chuck sb/sth<=>out] phr v
1.) to throw something away because you do not want it any more
It was broken so I chucked it out.
2.) to make someone leave a place or a job
Their landlord chucked them out when they couldn't pay the rent.
chuck somebody/something<=>out of
They got chucked out of the pub for fighting.
chuck in [chuck sth<=>in] phr v
to leave your job
He had a job as a driver but he chucked it in.
I decided to chuck it all in and go to Australia.
chuck 2
chuck2 n
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: chuck 'large awkward-shaped piece' (17-19 centuries), probably from chock]
part of a machine that holds something firmly so that it does not move
2.) [singular] spoken
a friendly word used to address someone in some parts of Northern England

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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